Friday, 3 February 2012

My Sewing Projects: Otherwise Known as "Deb's Insanity"

For those of you who remember back to my post on skirt tutorials in August last year (see here), you will know that this current post is rather late in the coming!  I had planned to make my girls a stack of new skirts, but have shamefully only managed to put together two, yes, two.  Sooo, to encourage myself to get back into my skirt sewing, I am showing off my rather meagre attempts so far.    :)

image lace and cotton gathered skirt in pink and navy blue

This first skirt was inspired by the Heirloom Skirt tutorial on the Dana Made It blog.  I made it for my youngest cheeky monkey (who happily wears it to kindergarten) using fabrics we found at our local op shops (thrift stores).  I think that the next time I make a skirt in this style, I will decrease the size of the lace panel.  All that bright pink is just a bit too much for my eyes!

image reversible gathered skirt in pink purple silver shimmer

The skirt above is a reversible skirt I made for my oldest cheeky monkey.  Although it's just a simple gathered skirt, it took me the better part of a day to sew it as I've never sewn a reversible anything in my life, LOL.  Oh yes, and I have this incurable habit of choosing fabrics which are totally unsuited to my sewing abilities.
Although I tell people not to look too closely at the wonky hems and seams, my girls are quite pleased with their new skirts.  And once I've forgotten that it took me a whole day just to make one simple skirt, I'm going to really challenge myself and attempt to make a few fluffy chiffon skirts using some more great fabric we found at our op shops.  Hopefully my family won't have to commit me after this!

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  1. go you! sewing as well... amazing woman!!! bet your girls are so excited - that's great to find fabrics at thrift places - what fun!!!


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