Friday, 24 February 2012

Love Letter on a Spool

image fabric letter on a wooden spool stamping Sugar Hill Tanya Whelan

If you can remember back to this "Things I Love" post, you will remember me saying that I was really keen to try making a few of these very cute letters on wooden spools.  I've finally managed to make a few for the cheeky monkeys (don't tell them!) and had a blast with this project.  My only tip for you, if you're wanting to make a few yourself, is to use as dark an ink as possible for your stamping.  I used a chocolate brown fabric ink, which works fine for adding my shop name to the plain bias tape ties on my doily buntings, but didn't work so well on the beautiful Sugar Hill fabric by Tanya Whelan.  I probably should have practised a bit more with my new stamp set, but oh well, the cheeky monkeys will love these nonetheless!

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  1. I must try this. Looks like a great idea! I'm sure your cheeky monkeys will love them.


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