Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Buttons, buttons, buttons

button bib necklace green verdant vintage two cheeky monkeys
The Verdant necklace

If you were to visit me right now you would find that there appear to be buttons almost everywhere in my living and dining rooms!  Why?  Because a fellow school/kindergarten mum saw the button bib necklace I made for myself (see here) and commissioned one for her "artiste" friend as a Christmas present.  I really enjoyed putting together a custom button bib necklace and ended up sorting all my buttons by colour and designing a few extra necklaces which I will list in my stores.  I don't think I'll be adding these necklaces as a regular item in my stores, they'll probably just be the occasional "special feature".  So what do you think?

button bib statement necklace mother of pearl white gold vintage acrylic
The Anne necklace


  1. Very pretty! A great way to use up buttons sitting around the house for sure.

  2. I love it, Deb, especially in green (I'm a sucker for green)!

  3. Deb, that is gorgeous!! I love the green buttons! I have lots of buttons floating around here - but not a clue when it comes to jewellery making. Great job!

  4. They are very very pretty. Love the green buttons!


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