Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A "Pride and Prejudice" Custom Order

As you must most definitely know by now, I have a bit of a thing for making Pride and Prejudice-inspired jewellery and accessories for my Two Cheeky Monkeys stores.  Although it pains me to cut up books (I was raised with the "books are your friends" maxim), it does comfort me to know that the books I use for my creations were rescued from op shops and second hand bookstores where they had been sitting unloved and often in a rather battered condition.

image mr wickham ring pride and prejudice jane austen two cheeky monkeys jewellery jewelry bronze brass text page

In fact, once I get past the horror of cutting up a book (and a classic, no less!), I really quite enjoy putting together each P&P-themed piece.  So you can imagine my pleasure when I recently received an email from a customer saying that, while she liked the look of the Mr Wickham ring (see above), she wanted to order a similar ring bearing Mr Darcy's name to give to her friend (who is, as many seem to be, a Mr Darcy fan).  After several emails back and forth discussing the finer details of the order, I put together the ring shown below and now have a very pleased customer.  Hopefully the recipient of the Mr Darcy ring is just as pleased with my efforts!

And so you know, I am always thrilled to receive enquiries about custom orders, even with unique pieces like my P&P and Alice in Wonderland creations.  As you can see with this custom creation, I took the general design of a piece in-store and created something for my customer which is not currently available in my stores.  But I like the look of this ring so much that I think I'll be making a few more rings using the same design!


  1. These are so lovely. I'm a bit of a fan of Mr Darcy, too!

  2. What fantastic pieces!! I so agree cuting up books feels like such a crime but they do have GREAT craft potential - ah the dilemma!

  3. I am also a fan of P&P, I saw a beautiful christmas tree ornament made from the pages of P&P and have been scouring the op-shops for a copy ever since! I never would have thought of using them for jewellery, think I'll be looking searching even more vigilantly now!
    This is the link for the xmas tree decoration.


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