Thursday, 24 November 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Yes, it's that time of year again when I start madly organising presents and Christmas cards for my girls' various teachers!  I am quite proud of how organised I have been this year as I have already gotten all presents and cards wrapped and ready to go, and it's only November.  Wonders never cease!

This cute little cupcake stand was made for cheeky monkey #1's Prep teacher, a woman who deserves a present just for spending the entire year trying to help my oldest monkey be less forgetful and more mindful of where she places her belongings!  And to make the gift even more special, I've topped the cupcake stand not with a cupcake, but with a pile of delicious, gourmet chocolates (which are, obviously, not pictured, LOL).

Due to my limited time this year, I haven't been able to make cupcake stands for all of the teachers.  However, I did manage to hunt down a stack of vintage sweet and condiment bowls which I filled with, yes, gourmet chocolates!  I am so very attracted to giving edible gifts which have a little something you can keep when all the yummies are gone.  The only problem with being so organised is that these pretty packages are sitting in my walk in wardrobe just tempting me to eat the chocolate!!!
What are you giving your children's teachers for their end of year appreciation gift?  Do you make something with your kids or do you madly hunt for something at your local shopping centre?  If you're still racking your brains trying to find something other than the usual box of chocolates or bath products that most teachers seem to receive, then hop on over to Domum Vindemia where you will find lots of pretty cupcake stands (as well as other goodies).  And if you need some gorgeous Christmas gift tags, then I got mine from the very talented Percival Road Designs and dkshopgirl!

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  1. Gorgeous cake stand. I have an eldest child whose teachers are constantly trying to teach her the exact same thing. Comes up at every parent/teacher interview and she is now almost 8. Any tips?!


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