Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Two Cheeky Monkeys Packaging - What Do You Think?

Today I want to ask all of my readers a question about packaging.  It is something which I have been thinking about for some time now, because I believe that packaging of jewellery and accessories can be important to some, if not many, customers.  It is also a question of practicality, expense and time management, as I was reminded in an email article by Jess of Epheriell Designs.

A sample of the upcycled envelopes I make.

As many of you know, I am a big fan of upcycling old and unloved books into new and amazing creations.  So it only seemed natural for me to upcycle vintage book pages into cute little envelopes with which to wrap my jewellery pieces.  I package most of my products in these envelopes before wrapping in bubble wrap and placing them in a (usually padded) mailing envelope.  Some of my items, however, are too large or bulky to be wrapped in this way, such as my headbands and cuffs.  For these, and for pieces I know are being bought by or for a bride, I generally wrap in tissue paper and bubble wrap before packaging the item in a box or large padded envelope.  My reason for using my current packaging materials is that I think they accentuate the vintage-style look of my creations and, they are economical, meaning that my customers don't pay exorbitant shipping fees.

So this is where I ask for your advice.  What kind of packaging do you like to see when you open up your new jewellery or accessories purchase?  Do you like the upcycled envelopes I use, or do you find this kind of packaging a bit too kitsch for your liking?  Would you prefer your purchases to be wrapped in tissue or specialty paper?  Or are you the kind of buyer who is happy to pay extra for all out wrapping in a jewellery box complete with lots of tissue paper and a ribbon?
You can vote for your preference in the survey box in my sidebar.  If your preferred packaging method isn't included in my voting box, or you would like to expand on your vote, please feel free to leave me a comment below!


  1. They are beautiful envelopes Deb. I don't mind what the packaging looks like but I do like a bit of effort put in. I think it makes it look like you care.

  2. I'm a bit more old school. I fondly remember the days when you'd go into stores and they readily had boxes available just waiting for you to ask for one. This was, of course, when they used paper bags, not plastic.

    So I like to package my jewelry in boxes with jewelry cotton. I'm thinking about making my own boxes though, I saw a jig to make different kinds and sizes of boxes and will buy that one day, and experiment with it. My only thought is the jewelry cotton, I'd still have to buy that, but at least by making my own boxes, I can use fun and funky cardstock. :D

  3. I love them! Don't over think it Deb, these are GREAT!!!

  4. I love you up cycled envelopes and they can look different everytime

  5. As you know, I love your upcycled envelopes, but I also like tissue paper. I wouldn't want to pay extra for packaging though. Hope this helps. :)

  6. I tried to post before but don't think it worked so will try again, sorry if this is doubled up...

    I love the idea of your upcycled envelopes, they are very fitting to what you do and add to the uniqueness of the buying experience for your customers.
    I love to get packaging all pretty, when I order things. But with jewellery, I worry about it being damaged in transit. So I prefer it to be safe. Hopefully it can still be pretty but with some bubble wrap or something!

  7. I don't actually use jewelry, but I love the look of the recycled book pages. I would even make it part of your shop's "brand" by including it in all your photos in some way- for a background as you've done in some already, or even just across a corner.

  8. your upcycled envelopes are beautiful, I would definitely use them if you are able to produce enough.
    Have you considered wrapping your jewelry in bubble wrap and then in the envelope? I find especially with earrings, that this is good because I fold the b-wrap so that the earrings aren't loose in together but firmly separate, this prevents rubbing and scratching of beads.

    If producing the envelopes becomes too time consuming could you scan some of the designs and print them from your printer?

  9. Thank you to everyone for your input so far!!! I really appreciate all of your ideas and advice, please keep them coming. :)

  10. I like your recycled paper envelopes.

    As long as what I receive is clean and not smashed/broken I am fine with it.

    The big thing is clean. I recently rec'd a purchase in a box that was so gross. It even had some trash inside like it had been used to store junk. There were even a few pennies under the flap. Guess who I won't be buying from again!!

    Have a great day!


  11. I really think the upcycled envelopes are very cute! Personally I like packaging that has a little more effort in it. I do like the option of going all out though so if I'm buying a gift I like the option of paying extra for really beautiful expensive packaging ^_^


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