Friday, 3 September 2010

Feature Friday and Special Deal - Jewels by Trish

This week's featured artist is Trish who is the creative force behind the beautiful store, Jewels by Trish.  I "met" Trish through the Etsy CAST team and I think she uses such beautiful beads in her  pretty creations!  So let's see some of her lovely work and find out a little about her life and inspirations.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am married with two beautiful children.  My daughter is 13 & my son is 5.  I teach 1st grade at a private school where both my children attend.  I love teaching - first graders are amazing!! I also love being able to be home on all the holidays and all summer with my babies!   It’s the best!
Some of my hobbies are reading, riding horses, occasionally scrapbooking, and of course collecting beads and gems and turning them into beautiful creations!  I am also a proud member of the HHU Team~Hearts and Hands United and the CAST Team~Christian Artists Street Team!!

Describe yourself in 5 words.
Loyal, compassionate, hard working, kind, strong willed.

When and how did you first start crafting/creating? Oh wow, I feel like I have been crafting or creating since I was little.  My mom and my grandmother both loved to make things with their hands.  My grandmother made Christmas ornaments with beads, sequins, cloth, etc.  My mom sewed and cross stitched.  I started off in 5th grade making latch hook rugs.  I then moved on to sewing in high school and cross stitching.  I cross stitched for years and then went several years without crafting anything.
I started making jewelry about 2 years ago.  My husband bought me a ridiculously expensive pearl necklace for my birthday.  A friend of mine, who was already making jewelry, told me that I could have made the same necklace at a fraction of the cost!  I bought an el cheapo kit to see if I liked it and fell head over heals in love with the work!!

What do you create and what are your favorite materials with which to work? I make handmade bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. I love working with crystals, pearls, Swarovski, sterling silver and gemstones. 

When and how did you start selling online?
I started selling on Etsy in December of 2009.  I was already participating in a jewelry making forum where people share ideas on techniques and marketing.  Several of the people had successful Etsy studios so I decided to take the plunge!  I have met some really great friends here on Etsy!!!

Describe your store in 5 words.
Classy, modern, unique, bold, affordable.

Who or what are the influences behind your creations?
The beads actually inspire my creations.  I usually see something I just have to touch and feel, and then I start pulling components to go with it.  I keep playing with the design until it speaks to me, “Ohhhh!!! Ahhh!! Now that’s pretty!”

My favourite - the Amethyst Scroll Ring

Where can we find you online?

Deal alert!!!
Trish is generously offering a 30% discount to all Two Cheeky Monkeys readers.  That's right - 30%!  Simply mention the code “blogcheeky30” to receive your discount.  But hurry, because this offer is valid for two weeks only - until the 17th of September.


  1. WOw - stunning jewelry Trish! ANd a great deal you're offering! Might have to hang around your shop a bit longer....

  2. Trish is wonderful! So many pretty things. Great feature!

  3. Trish, great jewelry, very talented.
    Enjoyed getting to know you.


  4. Excellent piece. The jewelry is stunning! I am so glad to learn more about you, Trish! You are a talented lady!

  5. Trish has the most wonderful jewelry! Great feature on a very talented artist!

  6. I love Trish's shop! I purchased the most beautiful earrings a few months ago.

  7. What a fabulous Artisan. Who says only artists paint with brushes are crazy, because these are truly works of art..Wow..Just wonderful. Just a wonderful feature!

  8. Beautiful jewelry from a talented artist.

  9. What a lovely piece about a very talented sister who creates beautiful jewelry!!


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