Monday, 27 September 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Cheeky Monkey Number One!

Well, if it was hard for me to believe that my youngest baby is now three, it is even harder for me to fully comprehend that my oldest cheeky monkey is five years old and getting ready for school next year!  We have had a manic weekend celebrating the birthday of our cheeky monkey #1 (she shares her birthday with her Pa, so there is usually a lot of partying at this time of year, along with watching the AFL grand final).

Born: 10:43pm
Weight and length: 7lb 11 oz, 3.5 kg, 50.5 cm long
Current: Approximately 22kg, 115cm


  1. A big Happy Birthday to your eldest Deb.
    They really do grow up so quickly, don't they?
    Looks like she had an amazing time.

    The birthday cake looks so delicious, and is making me hungry :)


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