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8 Ways To Thank Your Bridal Party

Bridal parties, that group of friends or family who know you best.  They have celebrated your triumphs in life, mourned with you in your sorrows and supported you through the cold feet/bridezilla/wedding planning ups and downs and will be standing by you on your big day.  So how do you thank them, even in a small way, for their unconditional love and support?  Here are five ideas to get you started.

For the ladies
Most girls love bling of some style, even if they're not self-confessed "girly girls", and a jewellery piece chosen specifically for each bridesmaid is a thoughtful gift idea.  Think about what each lady loves - does she love to rock a boho look, is she a fan of vintage-styled pieces, or does she prefer whatever modern style is currently on trend?  Or gift her with a piece that features her favourite literary fiction and personalise further with her initials or birthstone.

necklaces jewellery jewelry two cheeky monkeys bridal party gift ideas

Bridesmaid dresses can put a large dent into a lady's budget, even if they're being hired or are dresses that can be worn again for another occasion.  So you might like to consider paying for your girlfriends' dresses or hiring gowns for your big day instead of committing to purchasing them.

bridesmaid dress hire wedding ideas

Purses are another thing that most girls love, and a clutch bag for a night out on the town is a fun way to thank your bridesmaids.  You could organise purses that match their bridesmaid gowns so that they can easily carry their makeup and bridal party necessities on your special day.  Or, gift them a special purse that suits their style and fill it with their favourite chocolate or jewellery!

literary book purses clutch gift bookish

Living in a country like Australia where UV levels are high and can be very harsh on skin, a pamper pack of skincare products is always appreciated by the discerning woman.  Make sure to take into account your bridesmaids' individual scent preferences and the particular skin type of each lady to ensure that her pack suits her perfectly.

skincare pamper pack bridal party gift thanks ideas
For the gentlemen
What could be more dashingly elegant than a man in a smart suit, French cuff shirt and unique cuff links!  Spoil your groomsmen (and please their significant others) with a gift of special cuff links they can wear on your wedding day and keep wearing to work or other special occasions too.

vintage inspired cuff links bridal party gift ideas two cheeky monkeys hercule poirot the princess bride

As with the ladies of your bridal party, suit hire or purchase is not a cheap endeavour for the gentlemen of your party.  So, consider the option of hiring suits for your groomsmen, or ordering off the rack suits they can re-wear for work or functions they attend.
groomsmen suit hire tuxedo

Some ladies may love their man's beard, but others, like me, are all for clean shaven men!  Whatever your groosmen's facial hair choices, gifting them with a high quality shaving or beard care kit is a great way to pamper men who don't traditionally take care of themselves in such ways (unless they're hipsters!)

grooming kit for men shaving beard

With the rise in popularity of craft and artisanal beers, you can get your groomsmen started on their beer brewing journey with a craft brewing kit.  And maybe you can enjoy their efforts when you get back from your honeymoon!

craft brew beer kit brewing diy

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