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5 clever ideas for a book-themed wedding

There is no denying that the skill of reading is a precious one which brings not just entertainment into our lives, but also knowledge, safety and the ability to function on a day to day basis.

So what better way to celebrate your love of reading or your profession as an English or Literature teacher than to incorporate it as a theme at your wedding!

love notes typewriter guest book table

Many handmade and commercial businesses are now supplying brides and grooms with unique items for a book-themed wedding, and there are many ideas on the internet for simple DIY ideas your loved ones could help you to create.

Here are 5 clever ideas to inspire you to include much-loved books on your wedding day.

1. The Cake
This is often a big deal for weddings, which brides and grooms research and order up to a year in advance to ensure they have their ideal cake and cake baker.

I love this non-traditional offering by cakelava - a cake that looks like a stack of vintage books!  Obviously there are plenty of design options for this theme, so have fun working on a design and style that will fit your budget and wedding ambience.

book cake theme jane austen wedding the princess bride

2. Bouquets and boutonnieres
As beautiful as real flower bouquets and boutonnieres are on your actual wedding day, they don't last long after your big day and are hard to preserve as a wedding keepsake.

So why not opt for a book page bouquet for the women in the bridal party and book page boutonnieres for the gents!  Not only will you be free of the hassle of putting the flowers in water in between photos, your entire bridal party will have something special to remember your day.

And take the whole book bouquet one step further with a bouquet pin featuring your favourite literary character!  Even better if the bouquet pin character matches the book pages used for the bouquet.

book page bouquet boutonniere brooch bouquet pin handmade

3. Centrepiece
Beautiful table centrepieces can be a great ice breaker for guests who may not know each other to ooh and ahh over, especially if it's a clever book-themed one!

There are so many different ways you can use books as a centrepiece, from simply a vintage look display stand for your floral centrepiece through to a clever way of displaying the table number at your wedding reception.

vintage book table number centrepiece display wedding

4. Bonbonniere/Party favours
Now it wouldn't be a book-themed wedding without some bookish party favours, or bonbonnieres, for your treasured guests.

There are so many fun ideas you could use for literary party favours, like fridge magnets taken from a page of your guest's favourite book, or surprise them with a brown paper package tied up in string and hiding the latest books from the New York Times bestseller list!

book themed bonbonniere party favours magnets book gift

5. Backdrop/Wedding arch
For those of you wanting to make a statement as you say your vows, nothing says "wow factor" like a gorgeous wedding arch or backdrop.

You could go as simple as attaching book pages to the wall behind where you'll be standing, or go all out with a stunning bookshelf-inspired arch like the one pictured.

wedding arch bookshelf bookcase

So do you love the idea of a book-themed wedding?  Comment below!  And if you're looking for more bookish inspiration for your big day, have a look at our book themed wedding inspiration board over on Pinterest.

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