Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Chinese New Year Recipe Roundup

With Chinese new year just around the corner (Feb 16th), I thought I'd share recipes for some of the Cheeky Monkeys family's favourite south-east Asian Chinese treats!  Some of these are easier to make than others, but they are all delicious and don't require one to be too adventurous if you have cautious or fussy eaters.  Enjoy!

chinese new year recipe roundup sago pudding pandan potstickers jiao zi lor bak tea eggs

1. Jiao zi, also called pot stickers by some, is a fan favourite here!
2. Ditto marbled tea eggs, they always get eaten very quickly.
3. Don't be alarmed by the striking green colour, this pandan sago pudding is DELICIOUS.
4. Fried beancurd rolls (lor bak) are Grandma Cheeky Monkeys' specialty.

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