Tuesday, 14 March 2017


I know that I post A LOT about food and you probably all think that I'm some greedy piglet with food addiction issues (well, you're not totally wrong but I'm working on improving myself).  But, the Cheeky Monkeys family are actually fans of eating well and eating fresh food, so I do find that I'm often on the search for homemade recipes of commercially available foods.

ciabatta rolls bread homemade baked baking

One such favourite food of the little Cheeky Monkeys is ciabatta.  It's pretty hard to resist the crunchy, chewy and airy texture of this Italian bread which tastes great as a sandwich or used to mop of soups and casseroles.  However, the commercially available ciabatta is not particularly nutritious because it is made solely from refined or white flour.

ciabatta bread rolls homemade baking

So today I am sharing this FANTASTIC recipe for ciabatta which I found over at the kitchn site.  I altered it by substituting half the white flour for wholewheat/wholemeal flour and to be honest, this is the most successful bread I've ever baked by hand (Mr Cheeky Monkeys' comment was "They look like real bread rolls!").  My Cheeky Monkeys absolutely loved the rolls I created and I think you'll love this recipe too, enjoy!

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