Monday, 2 May 2016

Meditative Mandalas

image mandala wine glass charm set blue domum vindemia handmade

I know I've been posting about wine glass charms a lot in recent times, and that's because of the positive response I have received.  I really am having a lot of fun creating these charms for my customers, and keep coming up with new ideas every week!

image wine glass charm mandala set earth colours red green orange brown domum vindemia handmade

This week I'm showing off a few new designs featuring the on trend mandala.  While the mandala has its origins in Hinduism, modern versions of this circular symbol have been embraced by many around the world.  Mandala designs are beautiful, regardless of whether you hold to the Hindu or Buddhist beliefs behind the symbol, and I think the wine glass charm fans are going to love these.  Which do you love most?

image wine glass charm mandala set earth colours pink purple red turquoise domum vindemia handmade

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