Wednesday, 18 May 2016

From vintage doilies to Voltron - special orders I'm creating

I have been so humbled in the last month or so to have been approached by a veritable stream of customers requesting custom variations of my usual creations.  And although custom work often takes more time and energy, I am always happy to take it on and amazed that there are so many people who trust me to turn their vision into a reality!

image voltron bookmark keith and allura domum vindemia handmade illustrated

Today I'm sharing two recent custom works, and they're as different from each other as are the proverbial chalk and cheese, but still exciting for me to be able to do both.  The first items were a custom order from my lovely Twitter friend Cubbie, who is a mad keen Voltron fan.  She commissioned several bookmarks with an illustration which I had previously used to create Voltron jewellery.

The second creations are a pair of matching doily buntings, created for a bride-to-be's big day in July.  The brief was to make two white/off white doily buntings, one larger and one smaller, to be hung as decorations on the special day.  My favourite part of making these doily buntings is always sorting through my doily stash to see which ones fit my customer's colour and style requirements!  Of course, sending off the finished product to its new home is very satisfying too.  What do you think of my latest custom makes?

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