Monday, 30 November 2015

Christmas Gift DIY: Edibles

As Christmas rapidly (and it feels lightspeed rapid here!) approaches, I have put together a series of blog posts to inspire you to think about handmade gift ideas.  Because we all know how much I love handmade and Christmas, there are going to be quite a few posts, hopefully with something for everyone.  Today, I'm starting with edible gifts; who doesn't love a great edible gift for that last minute party or thank you gift?

edible christmas gifts diy recipe

1. I love chocolate truffles and chai tea, so why not combine the two?
2. A little bit of judiciously used flavoured salt is a wonderful thing.
3. Barbecue-roasted nuts, mmm. (Just make sure your recipient doesn't have nut allergies.)
4. You can never go wrong with fudge in my books!
5. Give a gourmet twist to the gingerbread Christmas tree.

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