Friday, 2 October 2015

A few custom makes

I spent the last week of the cheeky monkeys' school holidays working on a few custom pieces, so today I'm showing them off (because who doesn't love a good custom piece?)  The first is probably more accurately described as a variation which I offer to customers.  For those of you who don't know, several of my necklace and hair accessory creations are offered with a customer's choice of bead type and colour.  This applies especially to the pocket watch necklace range such as the Atticus Finch one seen below.

image atticus finch pocket watch necklace woodland stag deer literature text harper lee to kill a mockingbird two cheeky monkeys pocketwatch

The second custom piece I created was the prize for my newsletter giveaway winner.  I made an Elizabeth Bennet brooch (one of my favourite literary characters) with a lovely mid-sapphire blue Czech firepolish bead dangle.  Ahh, it makes me think of the ocean and summer.  What do you think?

image elizabeth bennet brooch sapphire blue bouquet pin two cheeky monkeys jane austen pride and prejudice

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