Monday, 10 August 2015

Prepping for picnic weather

Although we still have three more weeks (at least) of cold and miserable winter weather to endure here in Melbourne, I know that many around the world are enjoying the last of their summer picnics whilst the rest of us anticipate the coming picnic weather.  So I have again been re-stocking the fabric napkin sets in Domum Vindemia, this time with one design which is rather different from my usual vintage chic look.

image domum vindemia fabric cocktail napkin set la vie en rose paris france cream beige red rose bloom arc de triomphe eiffel tower shabby chic vintage style

Firstly, the Floral Paris design has been so popular that I decided to create it in another colourway, red and cream.  I think I like this colourway even more than the original purple and pale blue, and I'm hoping that my customers like it too!

image fabric cocktail napkin set domum vindemia peacock teal green blue gold turquoise pastel

I have also finally achieved my dream of adding a peacock-themed set of napkins to the store.  Peacocks are one of my favourite, if not my favourite, birds and the vintage-style fabric I found makes for some glorious-looking napkins.

image domum vindemia fabric cocktail napkin set daleks dr who rainbow multicoloured grey white black

And finally, this set had Mr Cheeky Monkeys crooning with delight - daleks!  Perfect for any Dr Who fan, the colour scheme of this set makes them suitable for both male and female fans of the enigmatic Doctor.  So which new set of napkins is your favourite?

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