Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Kindred Spirits

I was recently commissioned to create two pairs of earrings (aka crochet/knitting stitch markers) celebrating kindred spirits and bosom friends, Anne Shirley and Diana Barry.  I had fun creating these earrings, as well as re-reading some of my favourite parts of Anne of Green Gables (while alternately laughing and crying at the funny and sad parts).

image domum vindemia anne of green gables earrings stitch markers crochet knitting lm montgomery diana barry anne shirley kindred spirits

Of course, I am also really loving the fact that my customers are happy to think outside the box with me.  My stitch marker sets were originally inspired by the fact that I often used my hoop earrings as crochet stitch markers because I didn't have any "regular" stitch markers on hand!  So it's great to see that customers are embracing them as both earrings and quirky crochet/knitting supplies.  So what do you think - would you use these as earrings or as stitch markers?  Or would you do both?

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