Monday, 13 July 2015

Things I Love: Lego

After a semi-disastrous viewing of The Lego Movie with the two cheeky monkeys this weekend past (the Lego violence and scary moments were, given the monkeys' overtired state, not a good idea), there has been a lot of Lego creating going on in the TCM household.  Actually, there is usually a lot of Lego creating going on here as the little monkeys and Mr Cheeky Monkeys are all avid Lego fans (unlike me who was only ever adept at building simple houses and walls...).

image lego-themed handmade creations roundup

Anyway, it got me searching for cool Lego-inspired creations on Etsy and Madeit (my two favourite handmade sites).  And this is what I found, a host of fun, quirky and sweet Lego-themed creations.  Which ones tickle your fancy?

1. Shelbyville's cute Lego man brooches
2. Lego man soap by Soap Buddies
3. Wear a Lego hair clip by Since I Met U
4. Soul Trend has FUN leggings!
5. Purple Smoothie has a phone case for the kawaii and Lego fan
6. Edible Lego bricks by Cute Icing are too cute to eat!

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  1. My granson wore a bowtie made of legos that his mother made for him. It was a big hit at school and he was so proud! He was 6 but I could see anyone with a little pizzaz sporting one :)


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