Friday, 21 March 2014

DIY Flower Headband

image diy tutorial boho floral headpiece headband two cheeky monkeys

I think this will be the last blog post this year where I mention the Two Cheeky Monkeys' annual school fete, I promise!  Every year the fete committee decide on a theme for the fete and everyone is invited to dress up for the day.  This year, our fete theme is "Carnivale", so the Cheeky Monkeys have decided to go decked out in their brightest, most colourful clothes, topped off with a floral headpiece a la Frida Kahlo.  Of course, I was asked to create said floral headpieces, so I decided to write up a tutorial as well!

  • fabric faux flowers (I used polyester ones, but you may want to go for the more luscious silk flowers)
  • fabric-covered headband (or cover a plastic or metal one yourself)
  • hot glue and hot glue gun

 image diy tutorial boho floral headband flower headpiece

1. Remove the fabric flowers from the stems, vines or whatever base to which they're attached.  Snip off as much of the stem of the flower as possible to flatten out the flower base without resulting in your flower falling apart into separate petals.

image diy tutorial floral headband headpiece attach flowers to the headband with hot glue

2. Decide on the arrangement you want for your flowers and start attaching them to the headband with hot glue.

image tutorial diy floral headpiece boho headband flowers spring

3. Tidy up any stray bits of hot glue and make sure all your flowers and petals are firmly attached to the headband.  Add more hot glue as needed to ensure your floral headpiece stay intact.  Once done, you or your little one can wear the headband with pride, all ready for your festival, fete, or day out in the sunshine. 

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