Friday, 16 August 2013

Things I Love - Pom Poms

The Two Cheeky Monkeys and I are huge fans of pom poms (I'm not sure if it's their cuteness or their fluffiness that appeals to us) so I have been slowly and painfully teaching them how to make their own.  And while trying to find tips for how to teach two uncoordinated little girls how to make pom poms without all the angst of tangled yarn, I have found some delightful tutorials in blogland!  Here are a few of my current favourites...

Super simple method on Mollie Makes for making pom poms using a fork!


Animal pom poms - wow, oh wow.


  1. YES. YES. YES. We must start a Club For PomPom Tragics. Last night I even noticed them on the Oompaloompas slippers in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory....

  2. Deb, I think you're in good company lovin pom poms. we should attempt to resolve world conflict by organising a mass pom pom making session because who can stay angry when you are surrounded by colour, wool and creativity. Great blog. found you over from pip's blog Meet me at mikes.

  3. Oh pom poms - love! Those last ones with animal faces - amazing! My daughter loves to make them (just the basic ones of course) but I think I need to show her the fork one - looks like fun! Then maybe we can work our way up to the fancy pancy ones! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I just put a rainbow cashmere pom pom garland up. don't know what it is but I love em

    x. Pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  5. hello!just popped over to say hi via meet me at your post, only yesterday i hosted a pompom making party to celebrate my birthday!wull blog about it later this week..lots of pompom love, mezz.

  6. I love pom poms too... considering it as wedding decor x

  7. i want to immediately make both polka dot and animal pom poms!
    i should search the web though for tips on how to stop my kid pulling them apart!
    and re the pom pom tragics club-count me in! i saw them on tinker bells winter outfit in my daughters movie last night!

  8. I've found you on Meet Me At Mikes (how great is that blog?) I adore those animal poms!
    I've been wondering how I could get my little boy to make pom poms. As a kid I remember being taught by my mum to make them, my younger brother and I would spend hours making big fluffy pom poms to throw at each other. It's almost an initiation into the world of DIY and crafting.
    I will be adding your blog to my blog roll. It's always good to see another mum blogger who wants their kids to craft with them! I've only just started my blog but I hope you have a looksie!

    Laura x

  9. !

    i need to make some animal pompoms.


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