Friday, 30 August 2013

Hot Non-Celebrity Dads

Okay, so today's post is a little tongue-in-cheek and was written in response to a Father's Day (this Sunday in Australia) article I saw celebrating "hot celebrity dads".  Yes, it is nice to know that there are some men in Hollywood who are committed and devoted fathers and husbands.  But I thought it would be nice to celebrate the normal, every day dad; the guy who does it without a host of nannies, the big pay packet or the gorgeous celebrity wife!  (Because unfortunately, as much as I would like to have Angelina's beautiful figure and pouty lips, I don't.)

So first up is my own personal hottie, Mr Cheeky Monkeys.  This photo was taken when Cheeky Monkey #1 was only three months old, and it epitomises Mr Monkeys' attitude towards his children - hands on.  He's always been there to help with nappy changes, bottle feeds when I couldn't breast feed, settling whiny kids, cleaning toilet training mishaps, you get the picture!  He has also been very eager to teach them and train them to be responsible little people.  He is a great dad to the Cheeky Monkeys and they love him for it (as do I).

This was taken back in 2010, when we all travelled to the Nothern Territory of Australia together.

Of course, I'm also celebrating my dad, who is sadly no longer with us.  I don't think he counts under the "hot dad" title (though I'm sure my mum would disagree, LOL), but he was a good dad who was also very hands on with raising his children, something which many men didn't do in those days.  He was also a loving grandpa to the Cheeky Monkeys and was always happy to volunteer my mum and himself for babysitting duties - he even helped to change the Monkeys' nappies!!!

Attack daddy time!

So for my Australian friends, which wonderful dad are you celebrating this weekend?  Your husband, your own dad, your father-in-law?  Do tell!

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  1. But Deb, you do have pouty lips!
    I love how exhausted Mr Cheeky Monkey looks in the first photo.
    I hope you have a great Sunday, even though Father's Day must be a bit tough for you.


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