Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Labelling Your Handmade Creations

image bulgari ring tiffany bracelet and french general by kaari meng necklace

Inspired by the likes of French General, Bulgari and Tiffany & Co, I have been thinking about the issue of labelling or tagging my handmade creations for some time.  Now I know that I really shouldn't be comparing my little businesses to the esteemed likes of the aforementioned jewellery and design giants, but most handmade artists and crafters are keen to label their work so that recipients of their products know who made it and who to return to should they wish to purchase more.  More insidiously, handmade labels or tags have also been a way for buyers to determine whether they are buying an item made by their favourite crafter or a copy/rip off by another "artist".
I already add labels to some of my creations, most notably my fabric cuffs and buntings, both of which bear stamped or sewn in labels with my store name.  But how to label items such as earrings, rings and cupcake stands?  And is there an affordable way of adding little charms to bracelets and necklaces bearing my store name or initials?  Even if I could easily and affordably label every single creation I make, is it a necessary or worthwhile endeavour?
For those of you who buy handmade, do you think about whether the items you buy bear labels or tags?  Or is this only really an issue for handmade clothing and fabric products?  And if you are a handmade artist or crafter, do you label your creations?  Or is this really not an issue for anyone else?

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  1. I make dolls and try to sign and date them. As a buyer of handmade clothing or jewelry I like to see a label of some kind. Especially when someone asks where I got something I can easily look and remember who's handmade shop I bought it from without having to go look it up online. It's a nice personal touch I think :) There are micro stamps that you can have made for smaller jewelry items, and tiny little silver or even clear acrylic laser etched tags I've seen around Etsy.


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