Friday, 20 July 2012

Kiwi Crate - A Little Box of Fun

image kiwi crate colour box colors crate

The cheeky monkeys and I were recently blessed to win a sample Kiwi Crate from the Craft Foxes site and I cannot believe how much fun they have had with it so far.  We received a Colors Crate, which arrived just before the start of the school holidays, and you should have seen the monkeys' eyes widen as I pulled out each item from that little cardboard box.  The box we received was only the size of a shoe box, but it was packed with enough supplies for up to three children to try out several colour-themed projects.  And there were leaflets with ideas for other projects to try out too.  Have you, or the little people you know, played around with a Kiwi Crate yet?  I think my girls are in love and would probably badger me to get them the gardening and dinosaur crates if they knew they existed!  But I haven't told them yet, because as much fun as these little boxes of activities are, I'm just not the type to sign up for a monthly subscription scheme (which is how Kiwi Crate is run), preferring instead to pick and choose the items I want when I want.  Perhaps my arm could be twisted, though...

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