Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Sweet Pair of Mushrooms

craft book Felties by Nelly Pailloux

While I was shopping for the felt to make my felt flower wreath (see my last post) the other week, I came across this cute little book at one of my local craft stores.  This book,  Felties by Nelly Pailloux, is full of sweet little felt creatures which can be put together using your felt scraps, fabric glue and a little hand sewing.  Needless to say, the two cheeky monkeys were very taken by this new addition to my craft book collection and immediately started pointing out the projects they wished me to make for them.

felt softie plushie mushroom toadstool girl toy

We all thought the "mushroom girl" pattern was really cute so the rummaging through my felt stash began!  Those of you who already own this book will probably notice that I haven't followed the pattern to the letter.  My girls seem to have inherited my inability to follow patterns exactly and both decided that they wanted to choose their own colour combination rather than follow the one in the book.  I also discovered that I have absolutely no sequins in my craft stash (how remiss of me) so I had to raid my bead stash for some beads to make the little flowers on the mushroom girls' stems.
These little toys were fun to make, although the small size of the project and the fact that it is all done by hand did result in a lot of moaning and grumbling on my part when I stabbed myself in the finger or dropped whichever part I was working on at the time.  That being said, the advantage of this teeny project (the finished girls are about 8cm tall) is that I carried it around with me in a little pouch and pulled it out while I was waiting at school/kindergarten pick ups and at swimming lessons.  Once the memory of my needle-stabbed fingers fades, I will decide which "feltie" to try next.  I think several of the designs could be adapted into brooches for adding to birthday cards or using as present toppers.


  1. They are cute! You could make them into finger puppets, too (My kids are into puppet shows at the moment, and they've got me in "puppet mode")

  2. They are both gorgeous, well done!


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