Sunday, 15 May 2011

My Mother's Day Haul


I know I'm a bit late, but I just had to post about the funny mother's day presents I received from my cheeky monkeys, some of which were handmade!  You can see in the photo above that they take this "cheeky monkey" business seriously when posing for photographs, he he.  I am disappointed that I forgot to get a photo of my mum with the monkeys and me; she has been working so hard to take care of my sick dad and I think she would have liked a photo with her crazy granddaughters.

Right, so Miss 5 year old monkey gave me the most bizarre presents of the lot!  She bought all of them by herself at the mother's day fundraising stall at school.  The first of her purchases were these psychedelic, rainbow stripey socks.  She bought them because I don't wear shoes around the house and because the rainbow socks were "much prettier" than the "boring" grey socks that were also on sale - LOL.  Admittedly, these socks do keep my feet very warm.


She also bought me a little pink coin purse, which I think she has already "borrowed" and a bag of sugar candy because, as she put it, "There was chocolate, but you're on a diet.  So I bought you some lollies so you could still have fun."  Her reasoning may be a little faulty, but at least she put some thought into her choices!  The card above has me thinking that I spend too much time on my handmade stores.  She said almost the same thing last year at kindergarten when they were asked to share the reason their mum was special...hmm.


This cute calico tote was Miss 3 year old monkey's offering to me.  She made it at kindergarten (she has also decorated the back with various stamped shapes in other colours) and seems to think that since she made it, she should get to use it whenever she pleases.  The tote is currently filled with lego and I had to search hard just to find it this morning!
My dear husband didn't forget either, he bought me Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals and the Twilight official illustrated guide...not that I'm admitting to being a Twilight fan or anything....ahem...

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  1. What beautiful girls! I love the gifts and the reasoning that went into them!

    You have been blessed by your cheeky monkeys!


    Stop by and enter to win the "HANDMADE" banner if you do craft shows.


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