Monday, 23 May 2011

Birthday Wishlist

I'm the one in the middle being held by my maternal grandma, the other two children are two of my cousins.

Yes, as much as I don't want any big fanfare or fireworks, I have to admit that it is my birthday today.  I was originally thinking of hosting a super special giveaway to celebrate, but I am still battling a bit of a sinus infection and don't have the energy to do anything.  I am rather put out that I forgot to sign up for the Sew Mama Sew blog giveaway event, which is starting today, but maybe next time...
Anyway, after all of that waffling, I will leave you with a selection of items which I would most happily receive for my birthday (cheeky face).  Although, all my little annoyances pale into insignificance at the moment as currently, my biggest wish is for my beloved dad to win his health battle and get better.

Sea Urchin Cup/Bowl

Brain Hair Tie

Tearose Bracelets

Round Domed Flower Magnets



    Brain?? LOL My grandson was looking at a seller in here that sells messenger bags. He loves the one with the brain.

    Praying for your dad♥


  2. Happy Birthday!
    I love the sea urchin bowl. I can see it moving about on it's little tentacle thingys in my mind. ;)

  3. Happy Birthday!! Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Those tearose braclets are adorable. I love mixed metals, especially when they look that good!

  4. Have a sweet Birthday Deb.
    Keep well and my prayers for your Dad's improvement in health. xx

  5. Happy Birthday Deb - I too love that sea urchin bowl - great find :)

  6. Wishing you a birthday full of HIS blessings!

    Feel better. I just lifted you and your Dad up in prayers. I prayed for "Cheeky" and her dad. God knows who your are!


  7. Love those tea rose bracelets! Hope you feel better soon. And Happy late Birthday!

  8. Love your gift selections, particularly the brain hairtie and the pillow. I hope you had a very happy birthday. Mine is in May too - a good month for them, don't you think? ;-) And thanks for having stopped by my giveaway.


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