Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Creating For Fun - My Multistrand Bracelet

I have been a fan of multistrand stretch bracelets for some time (I was very disappointed when Miss 5 broke my favourite set in the middle of church when she was a baby) but have never actually tried making any for myself.  And to be honest, working with beading elastic kind of scares me.  I've just had too many pieces of stretch jewellery fall apart care of the two cheeky monkeys.  So while I was "resting" (not procrastinating, I promise!) and idly wondering what to make for myself as a birthday treat (it's my birthday next Monday, wink wink), I decided to woman up and make a multistrand stretch bracelet.

It took me two days to put this bracelet together because I kept changing my mind about the colour scheme.  I didn't make it any easier for myself by deciding that I really wanted to use up the various odds and ends in my bead stash, he he he.  I ended up going for a fairly "neutral" colour scheme which should match most of my outfits.  Two of the strands were put together simply by threading the same colour and style of Czech glass beads per strand.  The third strand alternates gorgeous hematite beads with cute Czech glass leaf beads and the final strand is a random mix of lampwork, glass and semiprecious stone beads chosen to complement the existing colour scheme.  And, of course, I just had to tie the strands together with a pretty organza ribbon.

So what do you think?  Do you like this style of bracelet?  I am seriously considering making a range of these for my Etsy and Madeit stores, although I will probably focus on using a combination of Czech glass beads and freshwater or glass pearls in keeping with the vintage feel of my other pieces instore.  If you are interested in a specific colour or combination for a special occasion, please contact me and I can get designing!

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  1. Simply lovely Deb!
    Wear it and feel the prettiness! xx


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