Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wishlist Wednesday With a Difference...

Every Christmas and on birthdays my family and I like to joke about who is going to receive a pig or a goat that year.  No, we don't live on farms and we're not into "alternative" pets, the joke stems from the way my dad advertised a charitable cause at church one Christmas.
While I LOVE to receive presents for my birthday, at Christmas time and generally all year round (and who doesn't?), I often need to be reminded that, living in Australia, I am very blessed with so many material possessions.  Therefore, this week's Wishlist Wednesday highlights some charitable "gifts" people can purchase which help those in need in areas dear to my heart.

Piglet from World Vision (I couldn't resist, he he)

Sewing Machine from Compassion Australia

Village Health Worker from Tear Australia


  1. A very thoughtful post and a great idea!

  2. great ideas there!! like the way you think!!

  3. Wonderful ideas! I have used the World Vision catalog and give many gifts from there on special occasions. They were really appreciated by all ages!


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