Saturday, 20 March 2010

Sneak Peeks and Works in Progress

I have been toying with the idea of making a line of girls' jewellery and accessories due to the number of positive comments I receive when people see the pieces I have created for my own daughters.  Because my girls love matryoshkas and dolls of all kinds, I thought I would kick off this new line with some matryoshka-themed pieces.

A sneak peek of the charms I'll be using in my children's line of jewellery

A completed "Birdie Babushka Bracelet" to be seen soon in my Etsy store.

I plan to focus on bracelets and necklaces to begin with, but I hope to eventually create a line of hair accessories too (although many of my current hair accessories are suitable for children and teens).

As for my jewellery aimed at "big girls", I have been experimenting with large acrylic flower cabochons (as seen in the Rosita Necklace I made in my February craft swap).  I love the idea of a corsage-style bracelet and wanted to feature a large pink rose cabochon as the centrepiece of such a bracelet.

Partially completed corsage bracelet

As you can see in the picture, I decided to team the pale pink rose cabochon with peridot green Czech glass beads.  I threw in some Czech leaf beads too but I don't think this combination works.  My current thought is to remove the leaf beads and just go with all peridot-coloured round beads.
What do you think?


  1. Hi Deb, love the girls' jewellery, it was always hard to find when I was a kid ... Great Idea!! :)

  2. pretty colour combo in that corsage bracelet - i think it's a great idea!

  3. Ooo. I like the leaf beads, I think it adds some contrast in shape and texture and goes with the idea of a flower and it's leaves.

  4. I think children will love the doll jewellery - its lovely.

  5. Both are great ideas, I like the leaf beads, especially if you just do them one side of the flower for contrast.

  6. Very Cool! Always fun to see works in progress. I hope the kiddie jewelry's darling!

  7. Very cool..always fun to see works in the making! Kiddie jewelry looks like a winner!

  8. Doll jewellery is gorgeously cute, and I think you can keep the leaf beads - just do one on each end of the rose cab :)


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