Monday, 22 March 2010

On the hunt for a craft table...

Anyone who has been to my house will attest to the fact that my poor dining table is rarely used for eating/entertaining because it is usually covered in craft supplies of all sorts and various works in progress!  The spare room/computer room is also scattered with my craft supplies and after tripping over my boxes one too many times, my dear husband declared that enough was enough, I had to go and buy a craft table and cupboard.

At the time, those were sweet words to my ears, but after just one day of table hunting, I'm not so sure any more.  Finding a table that is a) within our budget, b) large enough for my sewing machine and my beading accoutrements but doesn't take over the room and c) has the requisite number of drawers and storage areas is turning out to be no mean feat!

I'm currently considering the first two desks which aren't gorgeous but are functional and affordable, and dreaming about the last desk which is not affordable and probably not very functional as a craft table.

Chicago Desk from Officeworks

Metropolis Desk from Officeworks
Chippendale Desk from Cottage and Manor


  1. I'm currently going through a serious re-do and de-stash of my work area, since it serves as so many other things. I've thought I've had the answer many times before, and done a lot of piecing together scraps of old furniture and old shelving. It all worked for a while. If you're like me it has to be inexpensive, too.
    I like the first choice, (of course the last one is beautiful)the open shelf will probably come in handy.

  2. Oh my! I thought you were going to tell me that that third desk is also from Officeworks! I was about to grab my purse and car keys and head off to get one!!

  3. I have been using tables with storage underneath them. I think some of my storage has crash landed and is creating a toxic craft spill.... There just might be a blog post in there somewhere =p

  4. I confess I don't really like the last one unless you live in a stately home! Do you have Ikea over there? They have loads of good storage ideas. Hope you find something thats just right with lots of room for your bits and pieces!
    Look forward to the follow up post with your new desk in all its glory!

  5. The last one in my opinion is so pretty but totally useless for your work. The two desks above seem more practical. Have you thought of one of those plastic white portable tables (churches usually use them) with lots of plastic shelf drawers under it? My whole craft area(s) are full of plastic drawers. I like the stackable ones so I can rearrange the configuration to meet my needs. So there is my 2cents! Love the post b/c we all struggle with this!

  6. We just got one of these but I got the 1.5m top and added another one of these instead of the table legs... lots of storage now!


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