Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Dip Dye Mug Roundup

Youngest Cheeky Monkey recently made me a dip dye marbled mug for Mother's Day, which I loooove so much!  I love it so much that we're hoping to create a few more to add to my ever growing teacup and coffee mug collection.  So today I've gathered together a roundup of dip dye mug tutorials, each one using very similar techniques but with their own tips and advice for making sure your creative attempts don't end in disaster.  Enjoy!

tutorial roundup dip dye mug diy marbled nail polish

1. Marbled mugs with a metallic look.
2. A watercolour-inspired marbled DIY.
3. Beautifully bright dip dye mugs.
4. A dip dye tutorial with a boat load of tips to avoid disaster.

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