Thursday, 26 April 2018

Soup, glorious soup!

As the cooler weather (gradually) arrives in Melbourne, the Cheeky Monkeys family starts looking to cook more soup recipes to give us warmth and comfort in the colder months.  Today's roundup of recipes is a collection of some of our favourites, ranging from modern cooking through to traditional European and Asian cuisines, there's sure to be something for anyone who loves soup.  Enjoy!

soups recipe ramen garbure green soup chanko nabe beans sweet potato chickpea

1. We have been huge fans of ramen since our trip to Japan three years ago!
2. This sweet potato and chickpea soup should please vegetarians and meat easters alike.
3. Did you say chorizo?
4. Green soups are tasty and packed full of vitamins and minerals.
5. Technically a "stew", this soupy noodle dish is so comforting.
6. This rustic French soup is perfect winter comfort food.

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