Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Magic Custard Cake Recipe Roundup

As you probably all know by now, I am a HUGE fan of magic custard cakes.  Firstly, because they're so easy to make but are such a marvel when you see the layers of cake "magically" appear upon baking.  Secondly, because they taste AMAZING.  And thirdly, because the recipe for magic custard cakes is just so versatile.  So today, I have put together a roundup of 6 different flavoured magic custard cakes for you to try - enjoy!*

image magic custard cake recipe diy tutorial chocolate vanilla pandan matcha lemon coffee baking

1. Chocolate - who can resist chocolate???
2. Lemon - for those who prefer their desserts not too sweet
3. Pandan - an Asian-inspired version
4. Vanilla - the base recipe from which all other flavours can be made
5. Coffee - this one's a little naughty with a touch of Kahlua
6. Matcha - another Asian-inspired take on magic custard cake

Which one will you try first?
* For those on a gluten free diet, I have successfully made magic custard cakes with gluten free flour.  It doesn't taste the same to me, but is always happily eaten by my coeliac friends.

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