Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Green, the colour of the month

image atticus finch multilayer necklace to kill a mockingbird beaded green peridot personalised personalized two cheeky monkeys handmade literature

Although my favourite colours are red and purple, I realise that not everyone else has the same preferences as I do.  (But how, how can anyone dislike red or purple???)  Which is why I offer customers a choice of bead colour for many of my literature jewellery pieces.

image mary poppins locket necklace green jade vintage personalised personalized quote typography two cheeky monkeys jewellery handmade literature

This month, green seems to be the "in" colour, with a larger number than usual of green beaded items heading to new homes.  The two pieces I'm showing off today not only include the customer's choice of bead, but also a little extra personalisation with alphabet charms too.  What colour would you choose?

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