Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Literary Elegance

image jane eyre necklace asymmetrical glass pearls white cream two cheeky monkeys

I've been reading a lot lately about creating cohesive collections when running jewellery or homewares or clothing,etc stores and this was an idea which really stuck with me.  It's been something I've been thinking about for a while, so to see it stressed to me in several different ways was great for my summer holiday-addled brain.

image jane eyre necklace asymmetrical swarovski crystal pearls burgundy two cheeky monkeys

Something I've really been thinking about is creating more statement pieces for my literature jewellery range.  I have the floral and bedazzled cuff bangles which draw a lot of attention online and at markets, but I wanted something more.  So, while enjoying the Australian Open tennis tournament in the comfort of my home, I've been slowly re-stocking my (until now) sold out asymmetrical cameo necklace range.

image mr darcy necklace jane austen asymmetrical moonstone beads beaded two cheeky monkeys

I've gone with the perennial favourites of Jane Eyre and Mr Darcy for character names, but will hopefully add other characters to the range, such as Elizabeth Bennet, Anne Shirley and Atticus Finch.  I think these necklaces are perfect for a wedding or a more formal night out on the town, although I think some of the customers who bought previous versions of these necklaces are planning to wear them whenever they want to!  What do you think?  Are these more for elegant functions, or would you wear them on the school run, grocery shopping or at a casual brunch out with the girls?

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