Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Continuing the book theme

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The Cheeky Monkeys and I have been happily book hunting this summer holidays and we recently found a great haul of books!  Of course my purchases were for me to use in my creative endeavours and the Monkeys purchased books for reading pleasure and to broaden their literary horizons.

image magnet set the wonderful wizard of oz scarecrow cowardly lion tinman woodman dorothy domum vindemia handmade kitchen office supplies fridge magnet

I will be really focussing on the book theme in Domum Vindemia this year, so I feel that this is a great start to my creative year!!!  I am slowly in the process of adding more children's book buntings to my store, and for the teens and adults, I will be adding fun magnet sets, bookmarks and crafting supplies.

image bunting peter rabbit counting 123 beatrix potter children decor homewares handmade etsy domum vindemia melbourne

I am particularly excited to be adding The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan items to my "grownup" range of creations.  Although, I am having a hard time cutting up Peter Pan, it's such an old favourite!  So what do you think?  Anyone fancy a Wizard of Oz or Scarecrow needle minder?

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