Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas Gift DIY: Geeks

Okay, today's Christmas gift DIY roundup is all bout spoiling your favourite geek boy or girl (Mr Cheeky Monkeys is my favourite geek, though I have a surprisingly large number of geeks in my life...I wonder why).  The beauty of some of these projects is that they can be adapted for almost any geeky obsession; and those of us who aren't "obsessed geeks" can love these creations too, ahem cough.

1. An abacus bracelet - wow - need I say more?
2. Doctor Who high heels, because it's not just the males who love the Dr!
3. Many beloved novels have their own unique land or country - why not turn your favourite literary piece's mythical land into wall art.
4. Practical and geeky at the same time: geekery serving dishes
5. Hands up who grew up playing Donkey Kong?
6. Another practical and geeky creation, a Dr Who notebook cover.

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