Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Two Cheeky Monkeys' Mother's Day Finds

Those of you living in Australia, the US and various European countries are probably more than aware that Mother's Day is fast approaching.  For some this is a time of frantically organising treats and surprises for your mother, mother-in-law or mother figure.  For others this is a sad time either because they cannot be mothers or because they miss their mothers who have passed.  For those in the latter category, my heartfelt hugs and wishes go out to you.
And for those in the madly organising category, here is a quick gift guide of Two Cheeky Monkeys' items for yourself or the woman you lovingly call "mum".  Don't forget that I am more than happy to ship purchases directly to your mother, and I offer Express Post shipping options too.

image two cheeky monkeys jewellery mother's day gift guide literature jewellery statement rings necklaces earrings bracelets

1. For the boho mum who loves something a little different.
2. Something for the mum who loves her bling big and loud.
3. For the traditional "pearls and twinset" mum.
4. There will always be days when mothers need jewellery which is practical but still gorgeous.
5. Some mums can't get enough of personalised pieces.
6. For literature-loving mothers.
7. For mums who love vintage styling.
8. Every mother needs a brooch (or two).

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  1. Such lovely pieces! My mum would love the necklaces! :)


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