Monday, 6 April 2015

Crazy for chillies

I grew up with a chilli fiend for a mum and a dad who, while not a chilli extremist himself, enjoyed eating spicy food too.  In fact, my first memory of eating chilli was as a five year old asking my dad for a taste of his fish curry!  My dad's love of gardening and his quest to supply my mum with hot chillies on a regular basis led to him growing his own chilli plants, giving away any which my mum deemed not to be hot enough.

Sadly, my dad has since passed, but Mr Cheeky Monkeys has now taken on the mantle of "chilli grower" in the family.  The photo above is just a sample of the chillies he is currently cultivating, some grown from seed and some from very small seedlings he bought.  Of course, he grows some of the hottest chillies to be found in the world, including the rocoto, habenero and scorpion varieties.  So tell me, are you a fan of chillies and spicy food?

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  1. Love spicy food but I don't like it to be too hot otherwise it overshadows the wealth of flavour all the other spices bring. Either that or I am a wuss! I planted a chili plant last year and altho it did well I'd planted it too late to allow the chillies to ripen so didn't get any. Do you have any suggestions for a type of chili which is not too hot as I'd quite like to give it a whirl again?


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