Monday, 18 August 2014

Things I Love - Bags

I'm sure that I have confessed to it before: my name is Deb, and I love handbags, totes, purses and basically any type of bag available.  In fact, I love bags so much that my mum refers to me as "The Bag Lady" (and Mr Cheeky Monkeys can tell you just how true that is).  I love to buy bags, be given bags and to make bags.  So today I am sharing some of the fun bag, purse and tote tutorials I've found in blogland.

image graceful kelly bag handbag frame kisslock tutorial
The Graceful Kelly bag by u-handbag.

image necktie bag purse handbag tote tutorial diy paisley

image tutorial diy messenger bag
Heart of Mary's messenger bag.

image tutorial diy crochet crocheted ruffle bag purse
Crochet ruffled purse at Craftsy.

image tutorial diy toiletries bag toiletry pouch
Toiletry bag by Pretty Prudent.

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