Friday, 22 August 2014

Running, Running, Running

I have been a little desperate for new running shoes in the past few months after discovering that my ganglion cyst which was removed last year might be re-growing (apparently I'm in the 5-15% of cases who suffer from cyst re-growth, gah).  I have also been suffering from a bit of foot pain during my running, which I have also been putting down to the need for new shoes.

So anyway, I finally got round to hunting for new running shoes and got these.  No, not my first choice of colour (I don't like pink or garish), but when you have a small and wide foot (not unlike my whole body, really) there really isn't much available on the market unless you are willing to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars.  Eye-glare aside, these shoes are quite comfortable and I have been seeing an improvement in my running already.  Now let me ask you, are you a fan of the latest trend of fluorescently bright and rainbow colourful sports shoes?

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