Friday, 23 May 2014

Upcycled Storage Solutions

image wall pocket upcycled book caddy from kayte terry's paper made!

If you personally know me or have been a blog reader for some time, you will realise that I struggle with messiness, hoarding tendencies and a need for clever storage solutions (see here and here).  Unfortunately, the Two Cheeky Monkeys have inherited my messy tendencies and need help too.  So when I was given Kayte Terry's fun Paper Made! for Christmas, I knew I had to try out the oh so cute and practical wall pocket/caddy.

image wall pocket loom bands storage upcycled book caddy

I haven't decided what I'm going to store in my new wall pocket as yet, but Monkey #2 has already almost filled her little caddy with her huuuuge collection of loom band creations and Monkey #1 has started to put a few odds and ends into hers.  Maybe I should use mine to store the various bias tapes I use for my sewing projects?

image green and pink upcycled book caddy storage solution wall pocket


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