Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Holiday Baking Adventures

It's week two of school holidays and I am still waiting for the supposed rest I was going to get while not ferrying the Two Cheeky Monkeys to school or their various activities!  I'm probably not helping my cause by agreeing to some kitchen bakeoffs with the Monkeys, but the products of our kitchen adventures are usually worth it.

image pizza buns wholemeal capsicum bacon cheese pineapple tomato paste

I know that's really not the best photo to advertise my cooking skills (or lack thereof), but when it comes to baked goods, this is usually the best I can manage before grabby Cheeky Monkey hands have whisked away the food.  I found this recipe for cheese and bacon rolls aeons ago, and the Monkeys absolutely love it.  We've adapted the recipe to create pizza buns, but you could follow the recipe exactly or mix and match as we have done.

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