Thursday, 21 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide: Domum Vindemia

Try and deny it as much as possible, it can't be ignored that the crazy time of year is upon us.  That time of year when department stores pipe Christmas music ad nauseum and people start panicking about who is going to host this year's Christmas family function.  To make life slightly easier for you, I have put together a quick gift guide of ideas from Domum Vindemia.  I'll also be putting together a gift guide from Two Cheeky Monkeys, so check back tomorrow for that post!

image container candle purple flowers pansies vanilla wax powder box domum vindemia
Container candles make great gifts for those who've just moved into a new home, or as an end of year thank you gift for that super-helpful neighbour or friend.

image christmas stocking vintage fabric crochet snowflake doily red white domum vindemia
We all have a friend (or two) who loves to go all out with decorations at festive times of the year.  So why not get them a Christmas stocking to add to their decorations?

image mini fraulein bunting turquoise blue book page text domum vindemia
Book page buntings may shock those who wouldn't consider cutting up a book, but are great for teens and individuals who love a little bit of shabby chic in their homes.

image sense and sensibility magnet set glass book page text jane austen elinor dashwood edward ferrars mr willoughby domum vindemia marianne dashwood
Literary character magnet sets make a good gift for your favourite teacher or someone who adores the classics.

image golden book bunting alphabet abc animals zoo vintage domum vindemia
Celebrate a little one's first Christmas with a vintage Golden Book bunting.  These are also great for pre-school teachers or for decorating a toddler's room.

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