Friday, 7 June 2013

DIY Towel Hair Wrap Tutorial

image towel hair wrap tutorial diy two cheeky monkeys

Now that it is officially winter in Melbourne and the weather is often not conducive to running around with wet hair, I have been madly searching the stores for towel hair wraps for the cheeky monkeys to use after their swimming lessons.  I got one years ago in a craft store (of all unlikely places), but haven't been able to find any since, other than buying in bulk online.  So what's a girl to do but make her own?  The cheeky monkeys liked their hair wraps so much that I thought I would share a little DIY to help my readers make their own!

- 80cm x 60cm terry towelling fabric (or an old towel or cheap new towel)
- 1.5m bias binding (minimum 25mm width)
- 10cm thin elastic
- thread
- scissors
- pins

image tutorial diy towel hair wrap pattern

1.  Enlarge and print out the pattern so that the length between points A and B on the bottom edge is 65cm.  If you have a physiologically large head (and I'm not talking about egos here!) or very long hair, you might want to purchase more fabric and enlarge the pattern a little more to give a better fit.  Note that the pattern DOES NOT include a seam allowance.

image towel hair wrap tutorial diy two cheeky monkeys trace pattern onto fabric

2. Fold your fabric in half and trace the pattern using your template, making sure to mark the spot for attaching the elastic tab.  If you are using a towel (as I did), you should be able to make at least two hair wraps.  Pin your fabric together and cut out your pieces, adding a seam allowance around the top, curved edge of the shape but cutting along the line at the bottom edge of your shape (points A to B on the pattern - see picture below).

image towel hair wrap tutorial diy two cheeky monkeys overlock or zigzag stitch raw edges

3. Unpin and separate your pieces and neaten the raw edges with your overlocker or a zigzag stitch.  Fold the thin elastic in half and place it between the fabric pieces at the marked spot.  Make sure that the loop is pointing towards the outside of the hair wrap and the cut edges of elastic are aligned with the overlocked edges of the fabric.  Re-pin your pieces together and sew along the top, curved edge of the pieces, leaving the bottom (straight edge) open.

image towel hair wrap tutorial diy two cheeky monkeys turn hair wrap right side out and attach bias tape

4. Turn your hair wrap right side out.  Check the elastic to make sure that it is firmly attached.  If it feels a little loose, turn your wrap inside out again and stitch over the elastic a few more times to secure it.  Pin the bias tape along the raw edge of the hair wrap (on the wrong side) and sew the first edge of the tape in place.  Turn the hair wrap right side out.  Fold the bias tape over the raw edge of the hair wrap and top stitch along the entire bottom edge to finish.

5. Now go and swim laps at your local swimming pool and wear your hair wrap with pride afterwards knowing that a) you got some exercise, and b) you don't have a cold, wet back from your dripping hair!  If you aren't sure how to use a towel hair wrap, then check out this link for a handy "how to" diagram.

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