Friday, 5 October 2012

Large Bow Headband Tutorial

image large bow headband navy blue circles andover fabrics two cheeky monkeys outfoxed lizzy house alice band

Welcome to the second in my series of bow-related tutorials!  Today I am sharing a quick and simple tutorial for making a large bow headband.  This tutorial can easily be adapted for making headbands with teeny or giant bows or whatever type of bow catches your fancy.

- one plain plastic or metal headband (whichever you prefer)
- one large fabric bow (mine is approximately 18cm long by 4.5 cm wide), see here and here for bow tutorials
- fabric glue (I like to use Gutermann fabric glue)
- felt scraps (optional)

image large bow headband materials fabric glue fabric bow alice band

1. Decide where you want your bow to sit when you are wearing the headband and mark the points at each end of the bow, making sure that your marks will be covered by the bow when it is attached.  I wanted an asymmetrical look for my headband so placed the bow to one side of the headband.  Next spread a generous amount of your fabric glue along the headband, using your marks as guides.

image how to make a fabric bow headband glue the bow to the headband base

2. Slowly and carefully place your bow on the headband, pressing down gently to ensure the bow and headband have good contact

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