Friday, 10 August 2012

Hamilton Island and THE Playground

For those of you who remember this post about my holiday to the Northern Territory of Australia two years ago, I couldn't resist writing another blog post about playgrounds I encountered on my holidays.  Although I am normally loath to "waste" precious holiday sightseeing time with jaunts at playgrounds, I was actually quite pleased to find the only public playground on Hamilton Island (as far as I know, all the other playgrounds belong to the tiny local school and kindergarten or the childcare centre).  We had arrived on the island that morning, the weather was colder and wetter than we were expecting and we still had at least an hour before we could check into our holiday accomodation.  So what better way to distract the cheeky monkeys from moaning about the miserable Queensland weather than to set them loose at the local playground?!

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