Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My Creative Space

Yes, for those of you who remember this post, I finally finished sewing my pleated clutch purse!  It took me a while to finish this cute little number, but I'm pleased with the final, if a little wonky, results.  At first I thought this clutch was a bit too big, but it's actually quite convenient given that I still carry a host of essentials with me (tissues, bandaids, hand sanitiser, etc) for the two cheeky monkeys.  Have you recently completed a long-standing project?


  1. That would be a negative. I do have a skirt that has been cut out for like a year that I never ended up sewing though. Wonder if I should get to that!! lol
    Love the clutch!

  2. Its really beautiful! Congratulations on finishing it, its not always easy with the monkeys around. Hope you enjoyed making it.

  3. Very nice! Lovely material. Did you use a pattern or just make one up? I'm interested to try something like this.

  4. Very nice -- I've got some projects I need to get back to. I had won some glass work beads that I want to make into a bracelet. I should do that.


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