Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My Creative Space - Bracelets

image arm candy bracelets friendship beaded hex nuts braided

I have had a lot of fun trying out various bracelet DIYs that I've been finding in blogland.  And I've made so many now, that if I wear them all at once, it starts to look like I am seriously into my arm candy!  For those of you who want to try making some of these for yourselves, most of the tutorials I followed (or adapted) can be found here and here.  Have fun and please feel free to share any fun bracelet tutorials you have tried!


  1. These are lovely! Look great all together too. Thanks or sharing the links!

  2. hi deb. They look lovely, I especially like the braided one on the left, i'm thinking i might use that colour sceme for a braided rug i'm going to have a go at x

  3. Wow!...they look fun together Deb!


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